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Having your pits cleaned is an unpleasant necessity.

Without routine maintenance your pits will:

  1. Produce an odor.
  2. Lead to failure of pumps.
  3. Create sewage back up in work space.
  4. Create costly and unpleasant avoidable events.

With routine maintenance you will avoid these situations and spend your valuable time operating your facility.

Out of sight, out of mind, is the best way to describe sewage pits.

Usually you forget you have a sewage system until it fails.

Our customers are extremely relieved to know that we have their back with our Pit Cleaning Service contract.

We clean, service and inspect our customers sewage pits as necessary, dependent upon the usage of their system.

By taking a proactive approach, our customers avoid the issues associated with poorly maintained systems.

When you take advantage of our maintenance program, you will receive a comprehensive cleaning of your pits with assurance of your satisfaction.

Pit Cleaning NYC is a subsidiary of Pro Pump Corp.

In the event that your equipment fails and needs repair or replacement, we have a full warehouse of parts, pumps and controls on hand ready to remedy your immediate emergency needs.

All of our vehicles have temporary solutions so we can put you back in business as fast as possible. We have a full team of experts that will assist you in resolving your issue.

Feel free to contact us today at (212) 981-1150 and speak with one of our friendly Customer Success Team representatives.

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